Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants (Packaged STP), Recycle Plants

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants (Packaged STP), Recycle Plants from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Along with Turnkey Projects, Turnkey Services; we also provide AMC Services (Annual Maintenance Contract Services), Retrofitting Services, Consultancy Services for our product range.

Supplier Of : Package Sewage Treatment & Recycle Plants

How much water we need :
To satisfy our day to day water need, (considering 135 litre/person/day usage), our usage of water broadly distributed as

It is surprising to fact that about 50 % of water which we use for Gardening & Toilet flushing does not need potable quality water. This water requirement can be very well replaced with Recycles water source.

To achieve this water conservation, we implement
  • Sewage Treatment & Recycle systems
  • Grey water recycle plants

Package Sewage Treatment & Recycle Plants

Sewage treatment & recycle systems :
Sewage generated from the human activities contains 1 % impurities & 99 % water. These 1 % impurities comprises of
  • Organic matter
  • Suspended solids
  • Pathogens
  • Oil & grease

water-chartFigure 1

To remove these pollutants & make this water fit for gardening or Toilet flushing, we provide package as well as tailor made sewage treatment recycle plants based on SAFF / MBBR / FAB / SBR technology

  • SAFF/FAB /SBR technology
  • Conventional Activated/Extended aeration systems
  • MBR systems to get bacteria free water
  • Chemical Oxidation plants for small flows
  • Anaerobic treatment systems

Having conservator’s outlook, our main focus while designing these plants is on SAFF / MBBR / FAB / SBR technology
  • Low operating cost
  • Smaller foot prints
  • User friendly & having ease in maintenance
  • To achieve recyclable water quality
  • Low on noise pollution

Grey water recycle plants :
Grey water, fairly good water quality source ( in comparison with sewage water)generated from Bathing, laundry activities can be brought back in to reuse to satisfy of non –potable water needs such as

  • Gardening
  • Toilet flushing
  • Car wash
  • Fire fighting
  • Any other non potable water usage application

This water source is contaminated due to minor amount of organics, human hair & suspended solids.

We supply eco-friendly grey water systems ( Trishna) so that treated water can be brought back in to reuse.

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