Rain Water Harvesting Systems (RWH Systems) / RWH Turnkey Projects

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Rain Water Harvesting Systems (RWH Systems) from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Along with Turnkey Projects, Turnkey Services; we also provide AMC Services (Annual Maintenance Contract Services), Retrofitting Services, Consultancy Services for our product range.

Owing to our wide industrial expertise, we are capable of developing finest grade Modular Rainwater Harvesting Service. With help of the innovative approach of our team members we are offering the most viable designs for collecting and storing rain water for potable applications. We are leveraging the sophisticated manufacturing technologies and utilizing the best suited inventory of raw materials to develop surface runoff harvesting and roof top rainwater harvesting systems. Designed and developed as per the set industry standards, the harvesting systems are available at a nominal price.

Rain Water Harvesting can be a definite tool to win over present issue of Water Scarcity.

RAIN WATER HARVESTING is a process involving collection and storage of rain water (with the help of artificially designed system) that runs off natural or man-made catchment areas e.g. roof top, compounds, rock surface or hill slopes or artificially repaired impervious/semi-pervious land surface.

RAIN WATER HARVESTING, certainly depends various factors which contribute to the amount of rain water harvested e.g. the frequency and the quantity of rainfall, catchments characteristics, water demands and the quantum of runoff, and very importantly the volume & economics of artificial Rain water storage tanks and also underground soil strata for ground water recharge of Rain water.

RAIN WATER HARVESTING, broadly classified as

ROOF TOP RAIN WATER HRVESTING : Which harvest the rain water fallen on the roof.

SURFACE RAIN WATER HARVESTING : Which harvest the Rain water fallen on the surrounding ground surface.

FEATURES : Rust proof tank, Easy to assemble, inbuilt filters for debris

APPLICATIONS : Ideal for domestic and agricultural uses Owing to our vast experience in this domain, we are engaged in offering superior quality Rainwater Harvesting Systems.


  • It mitigates the problems of the farmers of lowering the tube well bore again and again where ground water level frequently goes down.
  • It helps in utilizing the primary source of water and prevents the runoff from going waste.
  • It reduces flooding in urban states.
  • It improves the vegetation cover.

Typical Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting Systems Comprise of :

  • Roof catchment
  • Gutters / Rain water conveying piping system
  • Downpipes
  • Rain water Filtration system
  • Harvested Rain water storage / recharge system such as Tanks, Tube wells, Wells, etc

Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting

Roof Top Rain Water arvesting


Rain Water Harvesting System

Type Building
Terrace /Ground area
Average Annual Rain fall
Rain water availability /year (approx...)
Equivalent water tankers
Individual House roof top
1000 Sq. Ft
700 mm
60 m3
Multi storied Building roof top
5000 Sq.Ft
700 mm
300 m3
Industrial Shed
20000 Sq.Ft
700 mm
1260 m3
( Volume of Water tanker considered is 10000 Litres )

  • Individual Houses
  • Residential Townships
  • Industries
  • School & Educational Institutes
  • Commercial Establishments, IT parks, Offices
  • Practically all places where Rain is falling on Roof or ground


We, ERA Hydro biotech, being an expert in Water treatment, understand the importance of Water filtration. We have engineered & developed various standalone Filtration units for domestic & Industrial applications with First Flush arrangements.

Rain water Filter Models Application Approx. Terrace area caters
RainWortH - RF Roof top application 500-1000 SQ.FT
RainWortH - OBO Roof top application 8000-10000 SQ.FT
Rain TAP Roof top application 500-1000 SQ.FT
RainWortH - GRD Surface RWH application 8000-10000 SQ.FT
Note : Quantities of RAIN WATER HARVESTING FILTERS will depend upon Rainfall data. Please consult us before ordering.

To make this noble concept of RAIN WATER HARVESTING successful we offer our expert services of :
  • Detailed site survey, consultancy, planning and preparation of project feasibility report.
  • Turnkey project implementation for existing buildings.
  • Supply of Rain water harvesting filters as per your requirements.

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